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Make Her Crave You
How Ditching The Rules Can Get You More Dates

Subject: The single most important secret to making her crave you
Subject: Make her see you as the one she cant live without
Subject: The secret that turns her on that she will never tell you

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What if you knew the secret to what goes on inside a woman's mind, and what secretly turns her on?

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What if you knew how to plant a secret seed of desire in a woman's mind, regardless of whether she says she's not interested or not ready for a relationship...

... so that she would be able to see you as a guy she absolutely HAS TO HAVE...

Go watch this video to learn a simple secret to getting past a woman's defenses and making her see you as the one she can't live without.

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This Works Shockingly Well on Women

Subject: This works shockingly well on women

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What if I shared with you 5 simple techniques to turning any woman on, none of which require killer 6-pack abs or a big fat bank account?

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These secrets are not what you might expect, but they work shockingly well and teach you how to be the kind of guy women CRAVE.

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These secret techniques work for average guys, not just hollywood stars and high flyers.

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5 Little Secrets to Turning Women On

Subject: 5 little secrets to turning women on

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There are 5 little-known secret laws for making a woman hot for you.

So much so, that she will brag to her friends about you... and ultimately want to sleep with you.

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No matter if you think you're overweight or past your prime...

No matter if you're gripped with fear and freeze around gorgeous hot women...

My friend Greg is going to show you his secret step-by step formula that will change everything.

You see, there are 5 little-known attraction triggers that keep women hooked on their tv shows for years.

And he's going to show you how he adapted these 5 triggers to help you get virtually any hot woman you want.


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Going Beyond the Approach and Getting The Girl with Slade Shaw

Hi {!firstname_fix}

I get tired of all the claims made by dating and relationships experts telling me that their course is the next best thing. My expectations are high when it comes to good quality dating advice, and most new courses fall sadly short.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about a course that I have recently reviewed that has really caught my eye! It's called "Make Her Crave You," written by Slade Shaw and Greg Hart from Meet Your Sweet.

For the first time in ages, I have a course for men that uses sensible and successful philosophies instead of mind games and tricks to get women.


For those of you that aren't familiar with Meet Your Sweet, their name is synonymous with a whole new generation of dating, relationships, and life skills advice.

But unlike most of what you read out there that teaches tricks and methods to get you what you want out of life, Meet Your Sweet embraces a whole new philosophy, concentrating on the specific things you can do to influence the most positive outcome and success.

So now Meet Your Sweet's Slade Shaw has focused his talents on creating the ultimate guide for men looking for women, and applied his usual flair in a way that left me gasping for breath!

As usual, it's a very well designed book, beautifully graphic designed and laid out, and is full of insightful information. More than once I grinned and had those "Uh huh" moments, as something him and Mirabelle told me spoke directly to my beliefs. Even for a seasoned professional like me, I found there was lots in this course that I could learn and apply to my own love life!

Look, applying dating and relationships advice to your love life is no short-term fix. If you want to get the girl, and keep her, you need to have a game plan that's going to take you beyond the first night or the first date. You also need a game plan that is more of the 'plan' and less of the 'game.'

This 215+ page ebook is laid out in an easy-to-use fashion, with 5 sections, starting from setting your own beliefs towards success, developing the knowledge to take your skills to the next level, the essentials of communication with women, female psychology, and finishing with tips on how to make a relationship last.

You see, there is more to men's dating strategy than a carefully crafted pickup line. It is about much more than some intimacy tips to get her back to your place in minimum time. It's about more than creating an impression that you are a nice guy, in order to have her trust you, so that you can get what you want from her.

The people at Meet Your Sweet have really done their research. If you are a guy that wants more than just a one-night-stand, wants a relationship that will last, wants to regain their confidence around women, learn new skills around women, or create a dynamic attraction so that you have the skills perfected when the right girl comes into your life, then "Make Her Crave You" is the course for you.

It's going to guarantee those specific skills and mindsets so that you are able to create dynamic, genuine, irresistible attraction to the girl or woman of your dreams.

If you want to take your skills to the next level, there are a few fundamental differences that you must understand:

  • You need a course that is going to encourage you to listen
  • You need a course that is going to challenge some of your old mindsets
  • You need a course that's going to take you beyond the approach or the first date
  • You need to let go of the idea that "I only need this or that bit, the rest doesn't apply to me" mentality
  • You want someone to show you ways to internalize the necessary powerful mindsets so that when the right girl comes along, you can close the deal
  • You need a course that's going to push you to succeed and apply these techniques through exercises and challenges

You can be part of a whole new subset of men that are committed to change through challenging their own mindsets, rather than using tricks and games to manipulate women into giving you what you want.

You are going to be part of a subset of men that are achieving lasting results not only in closing with women, but developing a genuine, effortless, mutually fulfilling and lasting relationship.

There has never been a better time to be a guy and get this course!

Slade and the team have outdone themselves with "Make Her Crave You." Check it out by going to:


And the great thing is, Slade Shaw and the team at Meet Your Sweet are so confident in the quality of this book (and it really is amazing), that they're willing to allow you a 60-day refund period if you aren't satisfied with the course. Now if that isn't risk free, then I don't know what is.

Remember, if you want the "How to Become Bulletproof With Babes" bonus audio interview and special pricing, you must hurry!

Your friend,


Effortless Attraction With Make Her Crave You - By Slade Shaw

Hey {!firstname_fix},

A friend of mine recently came to me, asking if he was ever going to change his success with women.

Chances are you or a friend of yours are in the same situation. You are mildly good-looking, have a few good friends, are doing okay in your career, but just can't seem to make it come together when it comes to relationships with women.

My friend Darcy had the same issue. He had no problems getting a one-night stand, or a woman that would hang around for about a week, but beyond that point, most women he met would have stopped returning his calls or text messages, and Darcy was back at square one.

Now don't get me wrong. For a few years this arrangement suited Darcy just fine, but as he got a little older and wiser, he realized that in order to get her to hang around for any length of time, it took skill. Problem was, these were skills that Darcy just didn't have. Which is why he turned to me for help.

Fortunately for Darcy, I had the newly released ultimate course for men seeking women, called "Make Her Crave You," my Slade Shaw and Mirabelle Summers.


Trust me when I tell you this course is hot! Fresh from the pen of the inimitable Slade Shaw, this course is a masterpiece written by a master at the height of his expertise, and now its yours to read and apply to your love life.

Authors Slade and Mirabelle give gritty answers to dating and relationships issues, avoiding the game-playing, manipulative, and often robotic techniques that other courses in the market seem to regurgitate over and over again.

Make Her Crave Youpromises something very different. Instead of the back-slapping ego-massaging advice you might expect from a guide for men looking for women, you see a direct challenge to the mindsets that have been preventing you from achieving the results you deserve.

This 215+ page ebook is like having your own personal success coach right there with you, willing you to rethink the strategies and techniques that have given you mediocre results up until now.

If you:

  • Are looking for someone to share your life with, not just one night
  • Are looking for ways to keep your relationship strong
  • Want to get laid more regularly and guarantee your success
  • Want quality women, not just any women
  • Want to regain your confidence around females
  • Want to create a dynamic attraction around women
  • Need to take your existing attraction skills to the next level

...then "Make Her Crave You" is your first step to success!

This course is a real step up from the usual courses that get you only so far and leave you hanging. Slade and Mirabelle arm you with all the necessary skills and mindsets, right from developing your beliefs to the knowledge you need to escalate to the next level, key tips on how to communicate with women, understanding female psychology, right through to making a relationship last.

I have seldom seen such a complete course, which is why I recommend you get it now. You can't afford to waste a moment!

Get it now.


Your friend,