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Why Men Pull Away

How Ditching The Rules Can Get You More Dates

How Ditching The Rules Can Get You More Dates

Are you lost in a sea of information, grasping to find the real deal on how to attract a woman FOR KEEPS? Does it seem like there's a new book coming out every week, leaving you deeper in confusion about which advice to take??

Worse, you have friends and colleagues giving you their own unique take on what works and what doesn't work in a relationship. The World Wide Web is filled to the brim with all sorts of conflicting information, and it's hard to make sense of it all.

If all of the things those authors have tried in their own lives have worked for each and every one of them, why do their books cancel each other out??

There can be only so many versions of the truth out there; it can drive an average guy NUTS.

Well, this is where your INNER VOICE comes into play. It's really up to you to decide which piece of advice would work BEST with your unique circumstances.

And there are a lot of useful books out there that offer SENSIBLE, REAL-LIFE guidance on not only having an awesome love life, but a great lifestyle in general.

If you want such a guide to help you make sense of things, you should check out the definitive guide for guys:


You need to pick this up if you want to be at your best, most authentic self that the ladies will fall for.

Yet, there are a lot of so-called dating experts who are - honestly speaking, pouring POISON into the collective ear of the male population. I mean, there's just a TON of B.S. floating around on the web as well as in print media.

The stuff I'm talking about here is RULES. Strict, rigid rules that will only curse you to singlehood 'til kingdom come.

I have to tell ya, a lot of my own friends have been badly burned from following a bunch of arbitrary 'dating laws'.

What you might not know is that these rules only serve to make clueless guys even MORE narrow-minded than they were before.

I get where these rules are coming from though. With dating, so much can go wrong; believing that certain regulations within a clearly-defined system could somehow bring order to a chaotic environment.

And from a theoretical standpoint, following rules will safely keep you out of harms way (such as being rejected, getting dumped, etc.).

However, real life doesn't work like that.

Personally, I'm more of a 'go with the flow' kinda guy. I like to size up a situation and respond to it accordingly without a bunch of rules dictating my every move like I was some machine.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can't put the world of relationships into neat little compartments as if it was a science experiment. Some people look at social dynamics in the same way as a computer program driven by inflexible rules (read: NOT true), and so they repeatedly run into DISASTER.

The thing is, a healthy, stable relationship (long-term or otherwise) isn't brought about by religiously adhering to these 'laws' like your life depended on it.

Adaptability, creativity and RESPECT towards women will give a set of dumb rules an ass-whooping any day.

Most of these 'unbreakable' rules revolve around game-playing, manipulation and utter disregard for a woman's sensibilities. Let's take a look:

  • The best way to bring a woman down a couple of notches is to take a few pot shots at her ego. The more beautiful she is, the more aggressive your disguised insults need to be.
  • Before you get involved with someone new, you first need to give yourself an allowance of X number of years or months after breaking up with your previous girlfriend.
  • After a date, wait X number of days before calling her back.
  • You'll need to approach a woman within X number of seconds of spotting her.

What a doozy huh? If I didn't know better, I'd be following these rules like crazy before I ultimately run my love life to the ground.

The people who came up with these rules are probably projecting their own experiences. Therefore, its basically made to serve their OWN needs rather than every guy out there.

Everybody's situation is different, so you can't expect to use these rules as a one-size-fits-all kind of glove for the ENTIRE dating scene. These laws won't work for every single guy in the known universe, so it's really pointless to follow them to the letter.

It's more important to have a PERSONALITY that's suited to the dating world. The truth is that you can't substitute your real self with these rules.

A personality defined by self-confidence and non-neediness will be your best guide to making the RIGHT DECISION.

Rules don't really capture the spirit of healthy dating. They MIGHT work for you this one time, but it doesn't follow that your precious rules will get you consistent results!

On the flip side, I can honestly appreciate the IDEA behind these rules, which is to prevent you from getting burned. Yet, narrowing general guidelines down to extremely specific tenets simply won't work for all situations.

For instance, pinning down the exact number of days before calling ANY woman you date is just plain silly. I mean yeah, you don't want to look super EAGER or NEEDY, but don't you think the level of attraction will VARY from girl to girl?

Maybe a certain date of yours seemed really interested to see you again, while another woman wasn't all that receptive to your advances. That simply means you can't expect to apply one rule to two different people.

Since I'm feeling like a nice guy today, I'll give you some quick pointers on the ideas BASED on the rules we talked about:

  • Don't act like a woman's approval is your sole reason for living. Seeking validation from someone other than yourself is NOT attractive.
  • If she catches on that you're so DESPERATE to be in a relationship, you might end up driving her away.
  • Don't make a big deal out of approaching a woman. You'll be severely wrecking your chances if you hover around her, acting all jumpy and jittery.

Nonetheless, save the algorithms for other things, like rocket science. You can't possibly reduce social dynamics down to a mathematical equation.

No computer can intelligently decipher the complex patterns of human behavior ' your BRAIN is the only tool that can do that.

Sure, rules may help you out when you're new to the dating scene, but in the long run you'll need to cut the umbilical cord and come into your own. Eventually, you'll have to be someone that has a good amount of common sense and good judgment and won't need a bunch of rules to tell him what to do.

Furthermore, these rules pale in comparison to simply being a man who oozes with HIGH VALUE'instead of pretending to be one.

You can only get so far with pre-packaged templates for how to act around women. In fact, putting up an act will put you at risk of women seeing right through the smoke and mirrors (which is what the rules are all about).

Instead, you're better off cultivating a genuine personality that's consistent in word and deed. Saying one thing and doing another is NOT the way to relationship bliss.

Thus, you should be focusing on developing attraction by investing in the self-confidence that's *already* lurking within you.

And in order to pull that off, drop by and check out this course:


I highly suggest you check this out BEFORE you fall into the trap of playing deceptive mind games with your woman. This is your best bet to becoming the ideal version of yourself that'll leave the ladies swooning.


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No games. No scripted lines. Real life dating advice for real men!

How To Meet Women Through Social Networks And Friends

How To Meet Women Through Social Networks And Friends

Despite what your grumpy, pessimistic inner critic is telling you, you're already a GREAT guy to begin with. But can the ladies SEE that?

This is where a lot of guys need help with. All things considered however, you're still in a good situation because it's just a matter of UNLEASHING something that's already there.

Want to know how? Check this out:


Let me ask you something: does meeting quality women on a REGULAR basis feel like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack?

If you're like most guys, you've probably gone down the beaten path known as 'Hitting The Clubs'. You know what I'm talking about: you and your buddies head to the nearest bar, have a few drinks, and wait for a group of eligible ladies to come your way.

Some seduction experts use these venues as their so-called 'training grounds' to get their pupils' feet wet. The eager hopefuls proceed to test their newly-learned skills on the unsuspecting female population.

Although this seems like a sound plan, the women at these places are already EXPECTING to be approached during the night (especially the hot ones!). Then, there's the possibility of running into a girl who happens to take pleasure in shooting down guys' ego.

If you're lucky enough to meet one of these she-devils in disguise, well'don't say I didn't warn you.

This is probably why the most obvious choice ISN'T always the most effective one.

I mean sure, approaching several strangers in one night will help you get over your fear of interaction. However, this is NOT the only way to meet women and you shouldn't limit your options to this familiar route.

I want you to step back and look at the big picture. LIFE in general is just BUZZING with opportunity.

There's more than one path to success, so you should get used to changing your sails if the prevalent winds aren't in your favor.

It may make you feel uncomfortable to try a different, unfamiliar approach to getting what you want, but this is a GOOD thing. Being uncomfortable means you're leaving your safe, secure little zone of comfort and doing something NEW.

This means you're evolving as a person, gathering valuable experience and LEARNING something new in the process.

So repeat after me: DISCOMFORT IS GOOD. THIS is the mindset you should have when getting into dating.

Maybe you're thinking ALL the hot women hang out in the same places. Well, that's a big negative.

It may come as a big surprise to you that NOT all gorgeous and brainy women (read: the ones you're after) are packed like lemmings in bars or nightclubs.

Wouldn't it be nice to meet a nice girl WITHOUT the pre-packaged pressure that comes with the usual places?

Think about it: there's already a heavy context involved with walking up to a woman in a bar. Like it or not, but a lot of movies and TV shows have caused us to permanently associate these places with picking up women.

I mean, they've practically ETCHED that notion into our collective consciousness'chances are you're already broadcasting TOO much interest before you've even opened your mouth.

Thus, I'd like to talk about the backdoor to the world of seduction. Luckily, these alternate paths to meeting women aren't some big secret. They're in plain sight and all you need is to BROADEN your perspective on things.

For instance, your FRIENDS are an often overlooked avenue to dating bliss. I'm not talking about rounding up the boys for a night out on the town, but rather your overall SOCIAL CIRCLE.

This includes, colleagues, high school/college buddies, co-workers and so on. Just think that you're smack-dab in the middle of a very LARGE web of people who in turn have 'webs' of their own.

This is a vast field of opportunities that's just waiting to be tapped. I'd bet you that a sizeable chunk of these people happen to be (or know) women who fit your preferences.

This is where the expression 'all the good women are taken' fizzles into the sweet reality of ABUNDANCE. In other words, quality women are hardly in short supply my friend.

There are a lot of advantages to be had from taking this route. First of all, your friends can provide the social proofing which you would have to build on you own in a different setting.

Having a friend to introduce you to a promising candidate is a great way to be pre-qualified without having to open your mouth! Don't get me wrong, you'll have to carry a good conversation on your own after the introduction, but at least it won't look like you're bragging when your friend is telling her good things about you.

Also, being in the company of friends greatly cuts down on the awkwardness factor. Imagine being in a relaxed setting where your end goal is to have a good time ' and not getting her phone number right there and then.

Think of it as a 'pre-first date'; you get to see how she's like in social situations, and it's much easier to ask her out later on since you have the chance to build some rapport first. Plus, you don't have to worry about keeping one person entertained the whole time either.

Most of all, you'll get to gauge the level of interest between you two ' helpful information before taking things up a notch. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

You get to have a good time while investing in your love life at the same time. If it doesn't work out, you'll still have fun so there's NO PRESSURE to succeed right here and now.

To get into this kind of situation, you can tell your friends outright that you're on the market. Ask them to bring along any single friends of their own but it doesn't have to be a blind date.

In fact, avoid blind dates altogether because it defeats the very purpose of going out with friends (the lack of awkwardness and pressure). Instead, just ask your pals to bring along anyone to your group outings.

They may even invite you to meet someone who they think might be a good match for you (provided that it's NOT an actual date). There's no shame to be found in asking for their help; chances are they'll be more than happy to set you up.

To keep things light and fun, remind your friends not to tell those ladies that you're on the lookout. All you need is the introduction so you can take it from there.

Then, there's the added dimension of extending your circle of friends into the virtual world. I don't have to tell you that we're living in the age of the Internet because that's the very reason why you're reading this in the first place.

Therefore, there's a huge chance you and your friends (and their cute friends) are probably part of an online social network such as the insanely popular Facebook. Sites like these are an excellent place to complement your dating pursuits.

If you're already on one of these sites, check to see if your existing profile needs to be polished. This is a key component of your online efforts because your profile acts as a sort of social resume which should complement the most attractive aspects of your personality.

As a general rule of thumb, your profile should have just enough information to give everyone a hint of what a great guy you are, but not too long that it becomes boring to read.

In the description, avoid putting anything cheesy or pretentiously highfalutin. It's especially bad to make any direct or indirect references to sex because that just screams 'DESPERATE'.

The vibe a reader should get is that you're a cool guy who does and likes a lot of things. So include information about your hobbies, interests, passions or anything else that makes you a balanced and interesting kinda guy.

As for the relationship status, go with 'single and looking to date' or any similar option to that effect. You obviously don't want to keep any prospects away by choosing a status that casts doubt on your availability, such as 'it's complicated'.

Of course, any self-respecting social networking site will allow its users to post photographic evidence of their hip and happening adventures in the offline world.

Whether it's mountain biking in the great outdoors or having an awesome time with your friends, your pictures should feature you in various upbeat social situations for evident reasons. Think along the lines of parties, concerts, comic book conventions and any other events which look interesting.

Now that you've sorted out the groundwork, it's time to put yourself out there. Once your friends introduce you to someone that you find attractive, casually ask her if she's on one of those sites.

I'm betting your mutual friend has Ms. Attractive on his/her contact list anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem. After you've added her up, wait for a couple of weeks before you start interacting with her online.

For starters, make a brief but funny comment on one of her pictures or status messages. While this is subjective ground to walk on, a lot of people will have the same idea of what's annoying, creepy or stalker-ish (which is what you'll want to AVOID here). Remember, it needs to be light-hearted and casual at the beginning.

After some time, you should be able to create enough comfort to ask her out on another group outing. Take the initiative to invite her to an event that you and your mutual friends are going to.

For example, if there's a really cool band playing in the area you can tell her that she should come along because it's going to be a lot of fun. Try something like, 'Hey there, we're going to watch _________ this weekend and I thought you might want to check them out as well.'

Eventually, you'll be able to casually establish just the right amount of familiarity with your friend's friend. If you're feeling bold enough, take the chance of asking her out on an exclusive date.

Now, don't get any images of candlelit dinners or sappy stuff like that just YET. You don't want to make the transition too jarring for her, right? Start off with something as simple as asking her to come with you to check out some new releases at the record store or drop by the upcoming art exhibit at the museum.

As casual as these dates may seem, it gives you an edge because again, she's not pressured into a romantic scenario. At the same time, it gives you plenty of time to have shared experiences with her.

Who knows, one thing may lead to another in due time. If things start to develop between you two, it transpired in a totally relaxed setting.

As far as the feminine perspective is concerned, this is PERFECT. Who is she to deny fate if the lucky girl ends up being attracted you along the way?

Besides, she'd be blind not to SENSE your lingering interest behind the invitation. The cool thing about it is that you're not telegraphing your interest too LOUDLY or HASTILY.

If she does agree to go out with you, she's either on the same page as you are'or is WILLING to see what happens at the very least.

Otherwise, be cool about it and move on with your life. Whatever happens, you'll still end up with another friend in your life. Take comfort in the fact that your flourishing social network is chock-full other people you can meet.

THIS knowledge will keep you from pressuring yourself ' OR her.

Just remember that social networking sites are NOT a replacement for a healthy social life. They're only a means to meet great women in PERSON, and not merely exchanging emoticon chats or 'pokes' with them.

It may take a while for you to develop your network of online AND offline friends, but you just need to invest enough time and effort to make it WORK for YOU. Once you've reached a level where you're always going out and meeting new people, all you need to do is MAINTAIN it.

The bottom line is that it's NOT HARD at all to get your foot in the door. You just have to open your mind to the possibility that ending up with your dream girl can happen in the most casual or everyday kind of circumstances.

One last thing before I let you go - if you want to know more about projecting an alpha-male personality to your friends (and incidentally, THEIR beautiful friends), and taking your winning confidence to the next level of attraction, you should definitely take a look at 'Fireworks With Females':


This course is packed with a CRAZY amount of information designed to BLAST though the barriers keeping you from greater success with women. I suggest you check it out TODAY ' it'll go well with your social circle-expanding efforts!


This article comes to you courtesy of www.meetysweet.com

If you are serious about changing your love life success, the first step on your journey of seduction self discovery needs to be with Meet Your Sweet's 'Make Her Crave You,' your first stop for gal-getting strategies that really deliver.

If you want quality women, and want more than just scripted lines and one night stands, if you want the confidence and winning attitude to take your skills and success to the next level, let Slade Shaw and the team challenge your beliefs about what women really want and how to be the guy that gets her attention, and show you the way to become a seduction success story.


No games. No scripted lines. Real life dating advice for real men!

Innovative Ideas For Dates She Will Never Forget

Innovative Ideas For Dates She Will Never Forget

An overlooked approach to seduction is often found in meeting women through friends. There are advantages found in getting set up by your buddies or colleagues, as well as improving your odds through social networking sites.

These often overlooked avenues are GREAT ways to smoothly transition from acquaintances to friends'

'and hopefully, into potential lovers.

The key to doing that is by going on a DATE with her. There are two basic ways to gradually lead her into this, namely: hanging out with her along with your mutual friend(s) AND continuing the interaction online through networking sites like Facebook.

However, it's cool if you're the kind of guy who likes to do cold approaches on total strangers in everyday places like bookstores, record bars, convenience stores and so on. After all, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

Regardless of your chosen method of meeting women however, you obviously need to go out with her on an exclusive date if a relationship is your goal.

Personally, the dating method I recommend is a gradual, multi-tiered approach. What I mean by that is I take things one step at a time, continuously gauging and ESCALATING a woman's interest little by little.

You see, a successful pursuit is the result of mastering the COURTSHIP PROCESS whose length depends upon a given woman's disposition. If you plan your dates around this basic context, it won't be long until she'll be chasing after you like a lovesick puppy.

So let me break down the dating structure I've successfully adapted over the years. Initially, you'll need to know her better in a one-on-one environment before taking things up a notch.

That's why your first date with her should be a RELAXED social affair. There shouldn't be any pressure at all at this point (although a little sexual tension is fine and even expected), so keep things light and FUN.

You know the typical scene in a TV show where the leading lady is flustered over what to wear on the first date? Don't put your woman in this predicament.

This clich' has been done to death and you should be SHAKING THINGS UP with her. If you want to break the mold, you're going to have to skip the typical romantic date routine and be INNOVATIVE.

How do you do this? Simple ' instead of asking your lady out to an expensive restaurant, meet up with her at a casual public place like a coffee shop or a juice bar.

This is an excellent way to minimize the natural jitters that come with a first date (for BOTH you and her). While you'll NEVER really get rid of all those fluttering butterflies, you'll have an easier time focusing on HER and have a good time all around.

After all, the point of going on a date is to ENJOY her company, and not treat it like it was a job interview where you have to prove yourself to her. Don't fall into that NEEDY mindset.

Furthermore, innovative first dates like these happen to be VERY budget-friendly. NOT that I'm saying you should be a cheapskate, but splurging right at the beginning screws up the courtship process.

This isn't about doing the 'pulling-out-all-the-stops' kind of stuff, but rather doing them at the RIGHT TIME. In her mind, these things will have way more impact and value if they're given as a reward rather than something that doesn't need to be earned.

Besides, romance has a much easier time to blossom when you're not projecting any expectations.

(I'm not saying though that it's not possible for the sparks to fly so early on')

In case that it does, your lucky date will feel like it's the most NATURAL thing in the world because she wasn't FORCED into it.

Bottom line: avoid making a huge production out of the first date.

With that said however, going on a low-pressure date doesn't mean you shouldn't plant subtle hints of romance in her head.

But we'll save that for later ' right now, let's talk about setting up the first date.

I'm assuming at this point that you've already made initial contact with her (either through your friends or on your own) and have obtained that ever-important phone number.

Generally, it's advisable to call her back within a maximum of one week after that first encounter. Wait any longer and the rapport that you have may FADE away into nothingness.

If at all possible, call her at HOME so she'll have a better chance of writing down the details. Emails as well as voice and text messages are at risk of being accidentally deleted or overlooked. Even calling her mobile isn't a good idea because she may be distracted or won't have anything to write with.

If there's one thing you should know about inviting her, it's the importance of having a DEFINITE PLAN with specific details (i.e. the time and place where YOU want to meet). The worst way to do this is blurt something out like, 'Hey there, remember me? Why don't we grab a bite at any place you want'any time is good for me too''

Remember, women appreciate a guy with a firm masculine essence. If you're gonna call her up and sound unsure, it's a HUGE giveaway that you're not really in control of your life.

Is she prejudging you? You better believe it. Don't tell me that your own brain isn't running in the background when you're checking out potential women to approach.

That's just the female mind at work, brother ' sometimes, it's better to go with the flow than against it.

As much as you can, suggest a place you're already familiar with so you have the homecourt advantage. Like I said, you might feel antsy anyway, so you might as well pick a comfortable spot.

It's only natural for anyone to have a sense of uneasiness when they're on unfamiliar ground. Keep this at bay by inviting your girl somewhere you'd feel at home.

Keep in mind that your time and venue should be at a place convenient not just for her, but for you as well. It's ok to be reasonably flexible about setting up a date - but not to the point where you have to travel half across town or cancel other important appointments just for her.

Once you've agreed to a date, it's time to run you through the basics. As mentioned earlier, you're going to have to get a head start on creating romantic thoughts swirling in that brain of hers.

The cool thing about the 'casual' first date is that you can totally accomplish the said objective under the radar. In such a relaxed context, she won't know what hit her!

So how do you create this effect? Well, it's done through the little things.

When I say 'little', I'm referring to fleeting little indications that you're into her. You don't want to push her away by telegraphing TOO much interest early on, so you can do it in smaller, bite-sized chunks of subtlety.

When it comes to conversation, a woman will want to experience positive feelings while she's talking to you. Making her feel good during a conversation is essential to generating major attraction.

The feminine essence is all about emotions; if you can trigger the right ones within your date, she'll pin them on you. Play your cards right, and she'll inexplicably be feeling very good the next time she thinks about you.

In this case, being guilty by association is a GOOD thing.

Focus on upbeat topics that serve a springboard for other positive things to talk about later on. For instance, try sharing interesting anecdotes.

A good way of doing this is by telling her about the time you got into a funny situation but came out of it OK. The point here is to give her an idea that you're a relatively optimistic guy who can keep his cool and take the bad stuff in stride.

Her subconscious needs some assurance that you can handle life's curveballs because you'll eventually have to protect her from the same stuff later on. It's simply her feminine side seeking the rock-steadiness of your masculinity.

So obviously you should skip any subjects that could bring down the good vibe. Conversation no-no's include ex-partners, political affairs, anything related to bodily functions (not even as a joke), violence and any other negative stuff that will turn her off.

And if you really want to seal the deal, you can talk about romantic stuff without coming off as cheesy. What I like to do is introduce mushy topics in a fairly indirect way.

(This also lays down the foundations for the latter stages of courtship, but anyway')

For instance, try bringing up a romantic situation you heard about from a friend and tell your date what YOU think about it. After that, get her talking about the subject by asking for HER take on it.

Let me give you an example: 'You know, I think it's weird in a cool way when two people just connect and sort of fall into their own little world. I mean, one minute you're baring your souls to each other and then it's back to reality the next. The transition can be jarring but exciting at the same time. Have you ever felt like that?'

Of course, there are a hundred other questions you can pattern in the same way. Get creative and think of people, places and situations which will help you think of something to ask her during your date.

Good conversationalists make it a point to look into the other person's eyes while she's talking. It's OK for your gaze to be elsewhere as you're talking (while occasionally looking at her), but look into her eyes with a reassuring smile when it's her turn to speak.

Trust me - your undivided attention is one of the most powerful tools to win her over. While you're at it, don't be stingy with the compliments. LISTEN to what she has to say so you can appropriately praise something important to her.

When she says, 'I'm more comfortable doing freelance work than being in an office all day', you say 'That's cool, I've always admired women who can earn their keep on their OWN terms rather than marching to someone else's beat.'

While the rest of the guys out there are giving compliments about her looks, throw her off by praising something OTHER than her body. She'll appreciate you for it.

Remember, the general goal is to establish yourself as the guy that'll make her think 'Hmm, this guy seems interesting ' let's see what happens''

You don't have to make her fall in love with you on the spot'you just have to lead her in that direction.

The things that we've talked about so far are meant to arouse this curiosity ' not to mention keep you FAR away from the 'friends zone'.

Lastly, you'll want to keep the time on your first date to a maximum of one hour so you can wrap things up while the getting's good. It may sound counter-intuitive to leave when the chemistry is at its peak, but think about the benefits of ending on a good note.

Try telling her, 'Oh man, I d really like to stay longer, but I have an appointment to go to'maybe we can get together next week?' When you introduce a time constraint, she'll savor your moments together and will actually be SAD to see you go.

How do you think that will affect your chances for a SECOND date?

When you call up your girl to ask her out, make sure you give her the impression that you have somewhere else to go after the date. This way, she won't have to worry about things dragging on in case (heaven forbid) that the date doesn't go too well.

(No pressure, remember?)

Just to remind you of course, that you have every intention to have a good time with her. You're only putting a time limit on the date so she'll WANT to see you after it ends.

I've advised a lot of my friends to go with this general dating plan and they've yielded very favorable results.

(The occasional flaky chick notwithstanding, of course ' hey, life's funny like that sometimes!)

Speaking of great results, remember that this is only the opening act. Once you've had a good feel of her personality and the things that she likes, you'll be able to zero in on what you can do the next time around.

Perhaps she needs a couple more of these quick coffee shop dates to really set the stage, but eventually you'll have enough leverage to take things more seriously.

Once you're ready to go to the next level, up the ante by putting together a bunch of activities you can do in the span of a day (as opposed to just an hour). Your previous dates should give you the 'intelligence' to help figure out what things you can do on your next 'assignment'.

If she's into everything art-related, then summon your inner James Bond and take her to the local museum or to a bookstore if a new title is coming out. Then you could go to the park to grab a quick bite (better if you know about her favorite snack beforehand!).

Whatever you have planned, your follow-up dates should allow you both plenty of time to chill out and bond throughout the day. If you plan things correctly, you'd be surprised how long even ONE day will seem to her.

Create enough noteworthy experiences in her mind, and she'll carry those memories for a long time to come.

Having said that, do your homework and have a backup plan ready to prevent any unforeseen factors from raining on your parade. And if your date doesn't exactly go according to plan, don't flip out.

It's not cool to blow a gasket in front of her because she'll be looking to you for direction and initiative. If you blow it off like it's no big deal, then she'll follow suit.

Well, that about does it for now. By the way, you should take a look at this little gem of knowledge before you go:


This book is your direct link to the masters of seduction because they've put down the techniques and attitudes they've used in their own romantic pursuits.

As a bunch of wise men once said, 'You wanted the best, you've got the best!'


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Tips For Getting And Keeping The Body Women Love

Tips For Getting And Keeping The Body Women Love

FACT: your BODY is an ESSENTIAL part of being attractive to women.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this matter. There's no getting around to maintaining a great body that'll keep women interested in you.

But before you start panicking, let me just say that it's NOT what you think.

Maybe you're already spiraling into a heap of self-pity at the thought of perfectly sculpted male models flaunting their brawn in magazines. Perhaps seeing those flawless celebrities on TV with screaming women in the background will lead you to think that you can't possibly measure up to them.

Perhaps you want to scream, 'Crikey, hot women will ONLY go for men like THOSE'how could *I* ever hope to date chicks of that caliber?!'

Well my friend, I want you to gather all those pre-conceived notions you have about physical looks and take a sledgehammer to them.

It's all part of reprogramming your ideas about seduction and attraction, which begins with Meet Your Sweet's groundbreaking book for men:


Got it? OK'

So: if you believe that you have to look like those guys in order to be outrageously attractive, you're dead wrong. Look at the world around you and you'll know I'm right.

Take a stroll around the shopping mall, a park or any other populated area. You'll find average-looking guys who DON'T look like an actor are holding hands with the hottest babes in the vicinity.

I'm talking about the men who make you think 'HOW in the hell did she end up with HIM?'

Are you going to tell me that those men are just a fluke? Are you going to deny the fact that they simply know something that you DON'T?

Take the shutters off your eyes and realize that you too can pull this off! If a regular guy (on the outside at least) can date beautiful women, you can surely do the SAME.

The good news is that your less-than-perfect body is VERY much capable of attracting hordes of gorgeous women.

Even rock stars who dress like they crawled out of a dumpster are able to draw women like moths to a flame. Well, maybe they're a freak exception because of the baked-in charm that comes with being in a band.

Those guys live on another plane of reality, so the non-rock star demographic can still score big with the beautiful and brainy ladies.

First of all, you need to wrap your mind around this basic truth: the ability to attract women NEVER comes from an outside factor. It's already within you, and all you need is to get accustomed to using these inner traits.

Thus, you need to STOP comparing yourself to other men. Doing so is the path to madness.

OF COURSE there's going to be someone who's thinner, brawnier, richer, taller, or stronger than you.

BUT does that have anything to do with your own attractiveness? Does the existence of 'better' men statistically reduce your chances to have a sizeable piece of the action?

That's a big 'N' to the 'O'. There are literally millions of women out there, and at least a handful of them will find you attractive.

Yes, YOU. They can AND will see you in an attractive light if you unlearn whatever standards of physical beauty you've been made to believe in.

Don't fret about losing ALL the good women to other guys; there's plenty enough to go around for everyone.

The problem with us guys is that we're primarily into the visual aspect of attraction when it comes to selecting a partner. Before a man finds a girl attractive, she's gonna have to fit into his particular set of criteria.

This is why some men automatically ASSUME that women think the same way.

REALITY CHECK: NOT all women need their man to have impossibly good looks to feel attracted to them.

Look, I'm not saying that better-looking guys don't have an advantage. But what I am saying is that YOU don't need those things to attract women yourself.

And I'm not trying to contradict myself by saying that looks ARE important. It's just that it's not important in the way you might THINK it is.

Let me re-frame your concept of looking good. Physical attributes matter in a 'I-look-after-myself-and-care-about-being-a-clean-presentable-man-who-is-serious 'about-meeting-women' kind of way.

In other words, it's more of showing everyone that you have the HABIT of looking the very best you can.

Even a naturally handsome guy would horribly lower his chances if he let himself go. You know: not taking a shower, not shaving, letting his fingernails grow disgustingly long, and so on.

Basically, you're gonna have to be at your physical best, regardless of the mug you were born with. NO ONE is exempt from this ' well, at least those who want to meet and date women.

Let's get the matter of fitness out of the way. Even guys who are overweight can get beautiful women, but you'll have an easier time if you have a relatively proportional body.

Besides, ANY guy will stand to benefit from working out on a regular basis. But it doesn't have to be like the inhumanly merciless exercise program that the cast from '300' had to go through.

You don't need a six pack, nor are you going to war with the Persian army.

All you need to do is come up with a reasonable schedule (like 2-3 times weekly) for cardiovascular activity. Don't let the age-old 'I don't have time' excuse get in the way.

Even if you weren't trying to attract women, working out regularly has been clinically proven to greatly reduce the risk of getting all those life-threatening problems you always hear about.

Not to sound preachy, but if you're not going to do it for the ladies, at least do it for your own well-being. Any guy who stuck to a fixed workout schedule is bound to lose a few pounds at the very least!

Just as a warning, don't try one of those fancy-schmancy diets you might have heard about. It's not a good idea to shock your system by radically changing your eating habits.

You're better off consulting with a licensed dietician, nutritionist or physician for sound and realistic advice on eating healthy. You could probably stick to working out, but improving your diet (read: not starving yourself) is going to give you quicker results.

Ok, now we move on to DETAILS. Women love a guy who pays attention to details, so I'll give you a quick walkthough on this matter.

Let's talk about HAIR. Get a reputable stylist to sit you down and figure out which style TRULY matches your facial features and the general shape of your head.

For instance, guys who are balding should just go all the way and shave their thinning dome. Don't let errant, lingering, hairs dampen your sex appeal (think about Bill Murray's character from the movie 'Kingpin'!).

Beards and other forms of facial hair are fine as long as they're trimmed and properly kept under control. Unless you're only interested in fans of 'Lord of The Rings', don't think that sporting a Gandalf beard is going to improve your chances.

The same goes for hair from the chest downwards. Modern technology has made it easier for guys to trim these areas, so invest in an electric razor or any other method that will help you in this regard.

Would you want your date to neglect her nether regions as well? Didn't think so. Be a pal and return the favor.

Additionally, watch out for any stay hairs coming out of your ears or nostrils. Clippers and tweezers don't cost much, so pick one and get to work.

Your finger and toenails need to be short and free of any grime underneath. If you have the budget for it, go to a men's salon because they often include a foot scrubbing service along with the package. Otherwise, a pair of clippers isn't going to break the bank.

Crooked or yellowish teeth need to be treated as well. Check with a specialist on which option will work for your budget. There are plenty of options out there, such as kits you can use at home, or setting an appointment with a qualified dentist.

Trust me, a polished smile is eye candy to women and they'll definitely NOTICE it. So make the effort to do something about this matter.

Clothes are a bit of a tricky subject because everyone has different ideas about fashion. On a basic level however, your appearance must tell women that you took the time to look good by choosing threads that work best on your frame.

(Again, NOT about physical perfection')

Generally, clothes with holes and torn seams are a no-no. Shirts and pants that are old and worn out give the impression that you're immature and don't care about looking nice for the ladies.

When it comes to picking out stuff that'll look good on you, ask your friends and sales staff to help you make a decision. Sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to REALLY figure out the exact kind of clothes that suit your specific body type.

While your socks, shoes, belts, and wallet need to look crisp and neat (no scuffs or other battle damage please), they don't exactly have to cost you a pretty penny outright.

Plenty of quality stuff is on sale in most shopping malls, so start looking there. There's always a good bargain to be found if you take the time to look!

Lastly, don't overstuff your pocket. Try not to put anything in there except for your wallet, cellphone and car keys. The less bulkier your pockets are, the sharper you look.

And that about does it. Remember, setting aside enough time for these things will benefit you greatly because it will manifest in how you look.

Women will see AND appreciate the effort you've gone through. If we're defined by what we do repeatedly, then imagine what a habit of good style and grooming can do for you.

They don't even have to say it ' you'll find that they'll naturally be more open to chatting with you and you'll have an easier time approaching them.

Furthermore, knowing that you're at your best will greatly BOOST your self-confidence.

I mean, wouldn't you feel more RELAXED and LESS ANXIOUS because you're aware of how well-put together you are?

In case anyone hasn't told you, it's this exact kind of attitude that makes you more eye-catching to women.

Neglecting your looks will make you tense and even apologetic for the very space you're occupying. That's not a very attractive vibe to give off, now is it?

If you really want to seal the deal however, might I recommend an excellent book to bring out your seduction skills and self-confidence to the fullest:


This empowering guide is a must-have for any guy who wants to be THE MAN when it comes to dating. The cool thing about it is that it'll also improve the other areas in your life.

After all, having a confident personality will help you succeed in ALL of your pursuits, whether it's your career or a relationship.


This article comes to you courtesy of www.meetysweet.com

If you are serious about changing your love life success, the first step on your journey of seduction self discovery needs to be with Meet Your Sweet's 'Make Her Crave You,' your first stop for gal-getting strategies that really deliver.

If you want quality women, and want more than just scripted lines and one night stands, if you want the confidence and winning attitude to take your skills and success to the next level, let Slade Shaw and the team challenge your beliefs about what women really want and how to be the guy that gets her attention, and show you the way to become a seduction success story.


No games. No scripted lines. Real life dating advice for real men!

Using Romance To Get A Woman's Attention

Using Romance To Get A Woman's Attention

NOTE: There's no manual to achieving a happening love life ' well, until now at least. What if I told you that you could have this PLUS a kick-ass life in general?

The answer to your prayers is right here:


Maybe approaching a gorgeous woman feels like walking into hostile territory. No longer do you have to be nervous or feel the gripping fear of screwing up. Take the time. Check it out.

Now I want to rearrange whatever concept you may have about ROMANCE. I think that a lot of men are blowing their attempts to win over a girl because of the misconceptions they have about this matter.

Stop me if this sounds familiar. Guy asks out girl on their first date, girl says yes, guy brings out the heavy guns: flowers, chocolates, dinner for two at the most expensive restaurant in town.

Then, girl reacts in the most natural way by FREAKING OUT.

Why? Simple'she's cornered, pressured and rushed into feeling things that are forced upon her'

'INSTEAD of being made to experience these intended emotions on her own.

Listen: spending on a date with a budget fit for a blockbuster movie does NOT a make for a romantic night.

What I want to drill into your head right now is the importance of being romantic and how to NATURALLY generate such feelings within her.

The key to this is in optimizing your overall attitude and mindset for romantic awesomeness. Being romantic is not just some mask you can put on and off when needed.

It's a genuine part of your personality that is present in the different situations you'll get into with her. Whether you're approaching her for the first time or out on the hundredth date with your girl, romance should be ingrained throughout.

But what does being romantic TRULY mean? Right from the get-go, she needs to feel your ATTRACTION for her.

Otherwise, you're at risk of being thrown in with the rest of the other guys who've been banished to the PLATONIC FRIENDS zone. Trust me, getting out of the Bermuda Triangle will seem easier by comparison.

So your lady has to get the general drift that you find her feminine charms hard to resist. So hard in fact, that you feel compelled to get to know her better and know what makes her tick.

What woman wouldn't be curious (at the very least!) by the fact that some dude oozing with self-confidence is interested in her?

Since you want to make it known that you're into her and that she's hijacked your brain, does that mean you have to be crass, vulgar or PUSHY about it? Of course not.

Romance is a matter of ESCALATION. Start off with ambiguous hints about your true feelings until such a time that you can build enough familiarity and comfort to take things further.

As the saying (appropriately) goes, you get the chick by hatching the egg ' and NOT by smashing it. Going the traditional route of overkill on the first date is a prime example of 'smashing the egg'.

Baby steps never hurt anyone AS LONG as you're consistent with your efforts to turn up the heat'

'and NOT giving the connection a chance to fade away.

A skilled blacksmith knows he can't hope to make something worthwhile if you strike the iron long after it's cooled down!

So, let me give you several unconventional ways to turn up the romance without looking like a sap:

HUMOR is paramount. No guy got anywhere with a girl without first making her laugh a bit. Laughter is the best tool to loosen her up and make her FEEL GOOD.

Just make sure it's not the self-depreciating kind of humor because it's not a good thing for her to laugh (too much) at you. Sure, it's fine to make fun of something funny that may have happened to you in the past, but don't make jokes about 'what a loser you are' (or anything else to that effect) ' she just might believe you!

Learn how to push the boundaries just a little bit. You can do this by teasing her, making fun of her, and giving her 'a hard time' in a funny and sweet way.

Many women appreciate it when a guy pokes lighthearted (read: NOT mean-spirited) fun at them. When he's not afraid to test the waters, it says a lot about his self-confidence.

Don't be afraid to discuss sexual matters as long as it's within good taste and in the right context. Of course, you'll want to handle this with a bit of caution.

You obviously don't want to talk about sex when meeting her for the first time. But if she brings up the subject during your third date, by all means talk about it in a light and casual manner.

Just keep in mind not to be graphic and don't flinch or look uneasy when you do talk about it. The point is to let her know that the topic doesn't terrify you.

Besides, this is all part of building up the tension to a nice, simmering boil. This is where the term 'slow burn' takes on a positive meaning.

Talk about emotions. Women have a natural affinity for expressing and discussing their feelings, whether it's joy, sadness etc. Use this to your advantage by getting her to talk about her ROMANTIC feelings.

To give you a quick recap of what I said last time, try asking her questions related to romance. Think of a situation you saw or heard about, describe it to her, give your opinion about it and ask HER what she thinks.

This is a great way for her to associate you with the emotions you want her to feel. When she thinks of you, you can bet that it'll be in a romantic light.

Find a reason to touch her. Again, this must be done in good taste especially if you're just getting to know her. By this I mean touching only non-erogenous zones that won't get you in hot water.

For instance, guide her with your hand on the small of her back (but no lower than that) if she's going to sit down. Also, touch her hand (just) a FEW times when you're stressing a particular point during a conversation.

The idea here is to get her used to physical contact with you because building COMFORT is the key to romance. A line from the movie 'Pulp Fiction' says it all:

'This sensual thing's goin' on that nobody's talkin about, but YOU know it and SHE knows it''

Ain't that the truth! Just because you're touching her somewhere perfectly neutral doesn't mean it won't reverberate deep in her subconscious.

There's certainly nothing wrong with a healthy dose of ambiguity. In a woman's mind, red-hot attraction begins with thoughts along the lines of 'IS he or isn't he into me??'

You have no idea how GREAT it is to have her thinking about you like that.

While the cheesy notion of romance is out, chivalry is still in style. Make it a point to open the door for her, whether she's getting in and out of the car, or going in a restaurant (hopefully not the kind that costs and arm and a leg, but anyway').

Order for the both of you by recommending a dish or drink that you think will suit her taste. Don't make a big deal if she prefers something else; let her order what she does want, but do take the initiative to make a decision (in a non-pushy way of course).

There's a little caveat to all of this though: your gestures should match the level of interest between you two. If you're on the second date, it's a good idea to hold a bit back on the mushy stuff. TEASING is more appropriate than going all out with the romance.

If you're already sleeping together, then it's pretty safe to say that you can go for the bigger measures of romance. You've already reached a significant milestone so your girl now has greater access to your soft side (as compared to when you just met).

(Of course, you're NOT going to tell her you can't do stuff for her because she doesn't deserve it yet'unless you want to end up single real quick. Just give out the necessary amount of affection depending on the time!)

In general, you'll want to make her feel SPECIAL in a way that's appropriate to the current state of things between you two. It does take a bit of an eye to spot these subtle differences, but in time you'll develop a sixth sense about these things.

If you want to accelerate the learning process however, here's the quickest way to MASTERING the fundamentals of sure-fire seduction and really get the fireworks firing:


With practice makes perfect.


This article comes to you courtesy of www.meetysweet.com

If you are serious about changing your love life success, the first step on your journey of seduction self discovery needs to be with Meet Your Sweet's 'Make Her Crave You,' your first stop for gal-getting strategies that really deliver.

If you want quality women, and want more than just scripted lines and one night stands, if you want the confidence and winning attitude to take your skills and success to the next level, let Slade Shaw and the team challenge your beliefs about what women really want and how to be the guy that gets her attention, and show you the way to become a seduction success story.


No games. No scripted lines. Real life dating advice for real men!